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Skinny dating safety online
Dating a skinny single safely

Dating Safely Looking For A Skinny Date Online

Today, for many people, online dating is their first stop when looking for a date. You don't need to take my word for it, you are sure to have seen many an advert on the TV for various online dating services. Part of the reason for this swing towards internet dating services comes from the lives we lead, we don't always have time to go out and meet people.

You may well be told by friends or family that it is not safe to find a skinny date on the internet or that online dating is cold and clinical. Mostly people only have your well being at heart, but many will only be relating an opinion heard from somebody else.

The truth of the matter is that looking for a skinny date online is possibly safer than traditional dating methods, and undeniably it is easier! The key to online dating or dating via the more traditional route is to ensure that you exercise care and attention when interacting with people. Any form of interaction with other people has the potential of going wrong but is not usually the case.

The internet in general is far too often given bad press despite the fact that it is so crucial to most peoples every day life. We are comfortable with the it which is possibly another reason that internet dating has grown in popularity, but for the most part it is because it is just so much more easy.

When considering niche dating such as skinny dating then the internet offers by far the easiest and better way to find a date. If you are specifically looking to date a skinny man or woman, or want to find a petite girl or well toned slender man then services like the Skinny Dating website are crucial.

Using advanced matching techniques we are able to simplify your search to find a slim partner who not only looks right, but also shares your likes and dislikes. Imagine how difficult it could be to find the perfect date by simply going to singles events, bars or clubs.

Online Dating The Safe Way

The Skinny Dating online dating site will allow you to romance a skinny girl, befriend an athletic man, or form a long term relationship with the slim partner of your choice, all from the comfort of your own home. You will be able to search and interact with skinny singles and only commit to meeting them when you feel entirely comfortable with the way things are going.

The safety tips below are to help make your online encounter safer and more enjoyable, remember that they are pointers and are no substitute to common sense and intuition. These tips do not just apply to Skinny Dating nor do they apply solely to online dating sites as many of the tips will be equally useful to remember even if you decide to follow the traditional rather than online dating method.

Whether you decide to meet your date in a traditional way or whether you opt for internet dating you should always be aware that whilst most of people you meet will be good and honest you could meet somebody who is not. The key is to exercise a degree of care; put your common sense and intuition to good use and you experience of online dating is likely to be good.

Most importantly just remember that dating is fun. Your experience may bring you new friends or lovers and for the best part the people you meet will be normal, friendly folks who, like you, are looking for fun, friendship, love or romance. So stay aware of the safety tips below and follow them, but don't let them put you off having some fun times.

Get a Free eMail Address

You may use one already, but either way sign up for a free email account that you will use specifically for your online dating. Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are probably the most well known but there are others too. You benefit hugely by doing this from the anonymity they provide and the ease with which you could dispose of an account if your online dating experience doesn't quite go as planned.

Another benefit of a free online email address is privacy from others who share your computer, friends or family need never know about your Skinny Dating experience until you want to tell them.

A useful point to remember when creating a free email address is to always use only your first name, a nickname or an alias, never use your last name as part of the email address.

When Dating Online Keep Personal Information Private

At Skinny Dating we partner only with the best, our dating system is managed by experts in the field of online dating dedicated to keeping your details private and secure, as is true of all the dating sites within the Dating Café Group. However, just because we have the necessary security protocols in place does not mean that you shouldn't take some responsibility for your security and safety too.

Some things are just a matter of common sense. For example, you should avoid using your full name in any communications even if you are asked for it by a potential date. If they don't respect your wishes regarding your safety and privacy then they are probably not worth bothering with.

Another thing to consider is that under no circumstances should you divulge your address, telephone number or where you work. Wait until you are completely comfortable with them once you have met in person one or more times. Rely on common sense and your gut feelings to help you decide when the time is right.

Ask For A Recent Photo Of Them

Skinny Dating and any other online dating sites that are part of the Internet Dating Network provide you with the facility to include one or more photos. Whilst not a guarantee, a photo could help validate any stories that are being told to you regarding the appearance of your potential date.

If anybody simply refuses to give you a photo of themselves or keeps offering excuses then cease communication, there will be other dates and they are probably not worth the risk. It could be because they are married or their appearance is not as they have told you, they may be older than they are saying, or younger even.

Trust Only Those People Who Have Earned It

Just because somebody tells you that they are a 30 year old single solicitor with no ties does not mean that they are. Instead they could be a 50 year old unemployed married man with 3 children. Dating online or even via the traditional routes people can give themselves false identities, but it is easier to lie online about age and looks.

Trust Your Intuition

We are all born with intuition even though many of us ignore it, but trust your gut. The feeling that you get the first time you see or speak with somebody can be wrong but it is a good place to start from. When dealing with strangers it is always best to err on the side of caution if you have any doubts.

Never worry about upsetting people, you do not have to be rude but if a potential date makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason whatsoever then cease communication and move on.

Pay attention to what is said in any previous communications and keep track of it. Try to read between the lines if you can because it is harder to maintain lies over a period of time. In essence, take things slow and if you notice inconsistencies then it maybe better to break off communications.

Your Online Dating Site Is There To Help You

Remember, you are the customer and the customer support team is there for you. Skinny Dating and all of the Internet Dating Network group of online dating sites want you to report any fears or concerns to them, their job is to aid you when you need it and they will be happy to help you.

Take Things Slowly

Whilst online dating does give you the opportunity to speed up the dating process it should be applied only to the finding of a date. The dating process from communication to meeting should be taken slowly, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. They say that every journey begins with a single step, so ensure that you have a great experience dating, it should be fun, and you will benefit from taking things slow.

Communication over a longer period is better because it is easier to spot those who may try to mislead you. Wait until you feel comfortable before committing yourself to a meeting. Never be afraid to ask for evidence to back up a storyline that is giving you cause for concern, if your potential date is worth pursuing they will understand your concerns and wish to put your mind at rest.

Talk On The Phone

It will inevitably come to a time when you want to take your dating experience to the next level. The next step should be to talk on the telephone. Always give a mobile phone number instead of your home or work phone numbers because they can easily be used to find your address or place of work. Alternatively use a public telephone.

The First Meeting

Choose The Location Carefully

Dating in the traditional way is different, your first meeting will be decided by whatever club, pub or restaurant etc in which you meet your new date. Online dating gives you an advantage in some ways because you can choose a location which you both feel comfortable with before you decide to meet.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that you should choose a busy public location, maybe a high street cafe, or restaurant. If possible pick somewhere that you are familiar with for a first meeting.

Tell a Friend Where You Are Going

If you have a best friend that you trust, tell them when and where where you are going and, if you are comfortable with it, the name of your date. Don't discount taking them along to keep an eye on you , they don't have to sit with you. First dates will give you the best chance to use your intuition so if whilst you are there you don't feel comfortable then simply make your excuses and leave.

Use Your Own Car Where Possible

Remember, you wouldn't accept a lift from a stranger and your potential date is just that, a stranger. Drive yourself to your encounter so that you can choose when to leave and keep your address or hotel a secret.

Never Leave Drinks Unattended

This is a useful piece of information for any situation, not just when dating. Unattended drinks are an easy target to those who would try to spike it so never leave drinks whilst you go elsewhere. Also you should always either buy your own drink or be present when you are bought one. Always be on your guard or better still avoid alcohol on a first date because it may impair your judgement.

Keep Your Address A Secret

As previously mentioned but added again for a reminder, on a first date keep your home or hotel address private. If you decide to spend more time with this person you can always divulge it at a later date when you are more comfortable with them.

Online Dating Is Fun

You should have fun dating online, and you will that our skinny dating site is a safe and friendly environment to be in. All tips are pointers to help keep you safe and apply wherever you decide to go to find a date.